Q: Am I allowed to bring outside food into the event?

I have some ideas of what I want to bring to the event regarding food. What can I bring to SBC?

A: Only licensed catering companies are allowed to serve food at SBC. Catering Companies must notify SBC for approval if they are planning to use any device for cooking that is not already included in the SBC facility (grills, external ovents, etc…) DEEP FRYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Q: Can I serve alcohol at my SBC event?

I want to bring beer and wine to my event. Can my guests help themselves to beer and wine if I leave beverages out on a table?

A: A designated certified bartender is required to serve alcohol. SBC can provide staffing referrals if necessary. Self-serve is never permitted. Cash bars or ticketed sales for events serving alcohol are only allowed for designated charitable organizations with the appropriate ABC liquor license. All events must comply with all California Alcohol laws.

Q: Are children allowed at SBC?

I would like to include my children at my ceremony. Does SBC allow children?

A: Yes, SBC is an all-ages venue; however, we do require that contracted clients are 25 years of age or older, and adult supervision is required at all events.

Q: How long is the rental period?

I have some bands in mind for an upcoming event, and I’m not sure how long their sets are. How long is the rental period at SBC?

A: The rate is based on a 12-hour rental period. 6 hours of load-in and set up and 6 hours for the event. SBC has a hard out of no later than 1 am. All guests, staff and hosts must be off the premises by the end of the rental period with the exception of a professional cleaning crew.

Q: Am I responsible for cleanup after my event?

I’m so excited to have an upcoming event at SBC. Am I responsible for the cleanup?

A: Yes, the venue must be left in the condition it was delivered. Otherwise, $500 will be deducted from the security deposit. A referral can be made by SBC for our preferred cleaning crew upon request.

Q: Are confetti or glitter allowed at SBC?

Some friends want to throw glitter and confetti at my event. Does SBC allow this?

A: No. Neither confetti nor glitter is permitted on the premises. Use of either will result in a $500 from the security deposit.

Q: Where can I dispose of trash from the event?

I hired a clean-up crew for my event. Where can they dispose of the trash after its collected?

A: We have a dumpster located on the exterior patio that clients can use to dispose of their trash from the event. All trash must be in tied trash bags and placed within the dumpster.

Q: Does SBC require insurance for events?

Do I need to acquire Insurance for my event at SBC?

A: Yes, a single-day insurance policy is required for all events. Referral for a preferred vendor is available from SBC.

Q: Is there overnight storage for use prior to or after my event?

I have some things I would like to pick up the day after my event. Is there overnight storage?

A: Based on our availability, it is possible with advanced notice to have items picked up after your event. However, SBC is not responsible for any potential damage or loss in this situation.

Q: Are open flame candles allowed at SBC?

It’s my birthday and I wanted candles on my cake. Are open flame candles allowed at SBC?

A: Open-flame candles are not allowed at SBC. However, LED candles are.

Q: Can I smoke at SBC?

A lot of my friends smoke. Is there smoking allowed at SBC?

A: SBC is a non-smoking/non-vaping venue. Smoking and vaping are only allowed outside in designated areas.

Q: Am I allowed to hang things up on the wall?

I have some decor that goes on the wall. Can I tape things to the walls?

A: Yes. Only command strips or painters tape is allowed on walls and floors. No nails, duct tape, scotch tape or any other adhesive or material that leaves a mark is permitted.